Hello March!

Hello March!
The snow is almost melted and the lake ice has almost disappeared.  You can see the green shoots peeking through the grass and the odd bulbs have started to unfurl.  We know March can be a wet, icy, snowy, windy, warm and sunny month.  Lets’ embrace what nature gives us and just get outside to enjoy this transition into Spring!

WOW what a month of home sales again!  Full steam ahead with homes going on market and we have had to limit showing times to half hour slots to be sure to accommodate everyone!  And the amazing offers keep pouring in!  What a time to be a seller!  But buyers, take note; we can find your perfect property too!  With interest rates so low your buying power is better than it has been for a while.  The stock market has hit amazing highs too so the competition can be fierce if you are up against a cash buyer as investors seek to diversify their portfolios.   But the good news is….  Even in this crazy market we have been able to win for our buyers by strategically working out what the sellers need and want!  Focus in on that; stay close to the sellers wishes and work any anomalies that arise.  We are closing with first time buyers where we managed to get over $9,000 back to them! How? As a buyer agent we watch and listen and then act strategically to win.  Price is not always the winner!

We have our drawing from Relish today; March 1st, and we thank them for their help and wonderful gifts to our clients!  And once again Caley has excelled amazingly to put the whole event and delivery together.  What a pleasure to team up with Relish! Many of our clients have been there for the first time and love what Relish has to offer. 

Today we also celebrate closing the highest priced home in Frederick county last week.  See the link below; is that gorgeous or what?!  The most enduring part of this sale was a Virginia Tech inspired chicken coop complete with laying hens that the buyers get to take over!  We love the unusual closings and back and forth and the life stories that we become a part of!

Its’ restaurant week in Frederick!  Get out and support our local restaurants.  We were at one yesterday and it was lovely and safe and it ‘almost’ felt normal!  Even in the pouring rain sitting in a tented area felt so welcoming and yes, nice to dress up again for a Sunday brunch!

On a personal note…  We held the Virtual Memphremagog Winter Festival at our dock on Saturday.  10 crazy swimmers in funny hats entered and swam events in lanes we created in the ice.  (We had an ice chopping session to get it cut out).  Go find some friends and do something fun.  The pandemic has been hard on so many people;  celebrate friendships and families as best you can while staying safe!

Live your bliss..

Lori and Caley